Friday, December 4, 2009

Paris hilton naked. Some picz.

Paris hilton naked. Some Pictures:

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What is the mission of U.S. Justice Department to protect its citizens or humiliate them? In countries like Italy and many others when they arrest people as a mob boss, do not put the handcuffs as a routine and humiliated before the world. They do not take away their dignity by stripping them naked and doing body cavity search. This things are common in the U.S.. What justifies handcuffing Paris Hilton? She has followed all court orders and showed her responsibilities, following court orders and showing up when ordered. Was it justified? What can we do to avoid unnecessary display of power and humiliation?
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Emma watson nude. Nope? Yes!

Emma watson nude. Extra Pictures:

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Emma Watson because I keep saying she's ready to be naked in his next film? In the story of Despereaux and a Premiere magazine or something, she said shes ready to do something naked and Im like why would you want to do for, or do British actors how to do it or what?
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Megan fox nude. Googled.

Megan fox nude. New pics from google.

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See Megan Fox nude in Jennifers body? My GF knows that I have a little celebrity crush on Megan Fox and haha im going to see that movie and I heard you see her naked in it. Is that true cuz that would be kinda embarrassing for me and my girlfriend haha
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Mariah carey nude. Very good.

Mariah carey nude. Cool pics:

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Why Mariah Carey always pose semi-nude? Shes 40 and I every time I see her photo album phootshoot shes always semi-naked. Well shes holding a blanket to cover her breasts, or she's hiding in some other way, but giving the allusion shes naked. Does it annoy anyone else? She is married and too old to pose like that. Shes 40 for crying out loud. It sounds to me like shes going through a crisis of the median. And do not call me an enemy because I am a fan and I enjoy their music, thats just bothers me even pose nude if shes too old for this.
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